We Believe

Empowerment Helps Communities Thrive

The Dance Resource Center (DRC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit service organization that believes in the power of art and the empowerment of dance. We serve the many districts and communities of Southern California and Greater Los Angeles, the second largest urban region in the U.S., representing one of the largest economies in the world.

Our Vision & Mission

We are driven by our Vision to enhance the profile of Dance – the most underrepresented of the performing arts – throughout Southern California and Greater LA; and our Mission, which is to help our community thrive in the art of business as well as the art of Dance.

Dancers from @lula_washington_dance_theatre company posed in colorful costumes.

We are Dedicated to Helping LA Dance Thrive

The Voice for LA Dance

The DRC promotes the visibility and viability of SoCal and Greater Los Angeles dance to arts funders and other important stakeholders on local, state and national levels. This not only gives dance a voice, but a seat at the table for discussions on the future of arts and culture in Los Angeles.

The Hub for LA Dance

The DRC has been a one-stop resource for all things dance in the SoCal and the Greater Los Angeles area for more than 30 years. Numbering nearly 10,000, our supporters include dance professionals, dance companies, choreographers, presenters, educators, businesses and patrons – all unified in their dedication to dance.

COVID-19 & the New Abnormal

Just as LA dance had to pivot to the new abnormal, so too, did the DRC. We reimagined how we can support our community in response to a world without active studios and live performances. Some of our responses included:

Dance Resource Center Day of Dancer Health diverse group of happy dancers making LA sign with hands.

When the LA Dance Community Succeeds, We Succeed

Our Values

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Dance Resource Center is open to all dance companies, dancemakers and dance stakeholders and welcomes all genres, organizational formats, voices and perspectives. Our strength comes from the diversity of our Members and the community we serve. Our organization was founded on the principles of equity and inclusion, and is committed to continuing our legacy of helping all forms of dance and dance artists in SoCal and Greater LA flourish.

Defend dignity street art mural by Shepard Fairey creator of Obey Giant located in downtown los angeles California.

We Believe

We Are Committed to

Dance Resource Center group of dancer volunteers posed in evening attire.

What began as a group of volunteers grew into a non-profit serving the largest & most diverse dance community in SoCal & Greater LA

Our History

In 1987 a group of dancers, choreographers, dancemakers, producers and patrons came together to craft a shared mission. That mission was to shine a light on dance, the most underrepresented of all performing arts, build a more inclusive and diverse dance community and advocate for dance in the Greater Los Angeles area.