Your Dance Resource Center

Small Team, Big Footprint & Amazing Results

Dance Resource Center executive director @raelledorfan smiling while dancing in blue sheer skirt.

A Note from our Executive Director

As we usher out one of the most significant years of our time, we do so with an even greater awareness of self and community. Every step, every beat more meaningful than the one before, carefully placed and choreographed to continue enhancing our techniques and evolving as creative entrepreneurs.

In my third year as Executive Director of the DRC, I have been fortunate to hold the best ticket in town. With a front row seat, I have witnessed how we, dancers and enthusiasts, have created online programming to meet the times and explode platforms – Tiking and Toking to maintain connectivity. I have regularly engaged with our thoughtful city, county and non-profit leaders as we seize the power of opportunity and make fundamental changes in systems, pushing and enforcing agendas of cultural equity and inclusion. I have experienced my own team building on DRC’s rich history and setting the stage to ensure that the rhythm of our vibrant, colorful, unique city and dance community have limitless opportunities.

As we launch new collaborations and partnerships – and our new online hub for the LA Dance Community – the preparation has been a meaningful journey itself. DRC is poised to provide equitable programming and enhanced services to performers, teaching artists, choreographers, companies, studios, administrators, producers, presenters, agents, philanthropists and more. We are elated to introduce DRC’s new Member Directory – soon-to-be the first stop for all things dance in LA, and DRC’s new DSD Marketplace – a boutique platform that supports dance artists who are the tempo of our city. A special thanks to our Members for providing the exquisite photos for our new website and to Paul Antico for his photo contributions. 

Proceeding to the next act, I curtsy and say: bravo/brava for your commitment, ambition, strength and resilience this past year.

Together, let us cut the ribbon and reveal your new dance home – the Pulse of LA Dance. When you thrive, we thrive. When we flourish, you flourish. Vamos!

Dance Resource Center executive director @raelledorfan signature.