Lester Horton Awards

Celebrating the Champions of LA Dance

The Dance Resource Center’s Lester Horton Awards recognize the art of dance and the dancers that are unique to Southern California and the Greater Los Angeles area.

Adjudicators smiling with Lester Horton Award recipients.

Who Can Be Nominated?

From choreographers to dancers, educators to presenters, advocates to stakeholders, these individuals are advancing the dance field and fueling its vibrancy & inclusive growth

Lester Horton applying makeup to a dancer in black and white.

Who Was Lester Horton?

Dancer & choreographer Lester Horton (1906-1953) made LA an epicenter for dance when most of America was focused on NY. He was greatly influenced by the Japanese performer Michio Ito & Native American cultures

In the 1930s, Horton founded his own company, the Lester Horton Dancers. At the time, it was one of the few interracial organizations in the United States. Some of the works he presented include Voodoo Ceremonial (1932) and Rain Quest (c.1935), which were inspired by non-European cultures. Alvin Ailey and Bella Lewitzky were among Horton’s many students who had successful careers in dance. Other well-known dancers who worked in his company include Carmen deLavallade, Arthur Mitchell and James Truitte. Horton technique is still taught in many studios in Los Angeles and throughout the United States.

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