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For many years Los Angeles was not considered a center for arts and culture in the U.S. But that has changed profoundly since DRC’s founding in 1987. There has been a true cultural awakening in our city.

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While dance is one of the most dynamic art forms, it remains one of the most underrepresented. That’s why the DRC has dedicated itself to advocating for dance throughout Southern California and Greater Los Angeles.


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Your contributions are investments: in the future of LA dance, LA dancers and local communities where we live, work and dance

Breakdancer from @universoulhiphop in a breaking freeze, as children in circle point at him.
Male and female Diavolo dancers posing with props from recent show.

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Your generosity allowed us to provide a bridge to 200+ dancers experiencing financial hardship during COVID-19. And we expanded our offerings to help the LA Dance Community find new ways to continue to enrich our lives with their art.

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Female dancers from @pacifico_dancecompany holding bright green skirts.

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