The Encore Fund

Supporting dancers as they transition from the stage into higher education.

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The Encore Fund is a scholarship program dedicated to helping professional dancers transition from their current careers as artists into higher education opportunities. We are devoted to advancing opportunities for dancers as they move away from their dance careers into their next steps.

The Encore Fund Scholarship was created to help keep the higher education goals of transitioning dancers within reach. With fleeting careers, many dancers simultaneously balance their full-time performing careers with full or part-time education.

When retiring, a number of dancers turn down well-deserved opportunities, such as prestigiously ranked universities, due to the inability to find proper financial aid. The Encore Fund Scholarship will help to keep educational opportunities attainable for transitioning dancers.

Donations of $15+ receive a sticker, $40+ receive a canvas tote bag. *Fill out shipping information at to receive your gifts to the preferred address

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