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Words That Move Me empowers tomorrow’s creative leaders with tools and techniques to navigate their creative careers with clarity and confidence.

Company Bio

Words That Move Me (WTMM) is Dana Wilson’s answer to the question: how do dancers and choreographers find balanced footing in a world that seems so unstable?

Dana is a bright and magnetic choreographer, performer, movement coach and career coach. She moves people. Simple as that. Wherever she is, soundstage or studio, she has the unique ability to bring out the best in the room, even the virtual ones. Outside of her work in TV, Film, Commercials, and Music Videos,  Dana has found a powerful role in nurturing and building her community of “Daily Doers” that sprung from her avid Words That Move Me podcast audience. The podcast has garnered over 115,000 downloads and landed on Apple’s Top 100 Performing Arts Podcasts several times. 

Now, the WTMM umbrella includes not only the podcast, but 1:1 coaching programs, summer intensives for graduating Seniors, in person and virtual workshops, and of course, WTMMCOMM (the Words That Move Me Community) the monthly career coaching membership where creative leaders go to navigate their careers with clarity and confidence.   Born just before the Pandemic, this project has grown fast and strong and is empowering our dance community to do the same.

Current Project Summary

People start our programs thinking that what they need is guidance, approval, and handouts from an industry insider. They think they will leave with a roadmap to success. What they actually get is this: Awareness, self-confidence, their own definition of success, and the tools to pave their own way to and through it!  The effects of our work are: Increased productivity, self awareness and self direction, healthier personal and professional relationships, sharper decision making skills, improved conflict resolution skills, and less stress in high stakes circumstances.


Dana Wilson is a vetted and trusted industry leader who knows that the Art and Entertainment industries are completely subjective. People will donate to this project because Words That Move Me is the only programming that offers objectively effective and flexible tools and techniques that make measurable improvements to the life and work of tomorrow’s creative leaders. Without this project, the community is likely to see a shortage of capable creative leaders.

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