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The Big Show Co. was founded in 1999 by UCLA and CalArts alumnus, Arianne MacBean. The LA-based troupe creates dance-theater performance that integrates original movement, text, theater and music. Since 2015, The Big Show Co. has developed a community performance initiative for veterans where memories are activated and reimagined to create communal experiences. The Big Show Co. partners with LA-based non-profit organization, Veterans in Media Entertainment, which helps bridge the military/civilian divide. We gather source text from veterans through Memory Writing & Movement Workshops. The text generated at these workshops is used in the development of performance scripts.

She/Her: Memory Trace focuses on the female experience – in life, the military and the imagination. As traditional gender norms and gender-specific spaces are challenged, the work examines how we define femaleness. We need your help to continue this work!

It is vital that veterans, artists, and audience members have the opportunity for the unique mutual recognition this project provides.

The Impact

We were honored to launch She/Her: Memory Trace in fall 2019 with an 8-week residency at the Ford Theatres in Hollywood. We recently received the 2019 MAP Fund Semi-Finalist Award for this project, which is a huge vote of confidence! However, The Big Show Co. will NOT be able to continue to develop this community-based work without your support. It is simply the reality that it takes a village for art to happen. We are honored to have received grants from the City of LA Department of Cultural Affairs (2016-17) and the California Arts Council (2016-17 & 2017-18). With over fifteen years of experience producing, presenting and creating professional dance-theater, we are asking YOU to make a BIG contribution to The Big Show Co. To learn more, visit .


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