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Marianna Varviani is a Greek dance-theater practitioner based in LA. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Selcouth dance theater company.

In Selcouth we belief that art can change the world!

We create projects to invoke, empower, and inspire the people around us. Our mission is to shed light to the space in between our knowing and unknowing ways of being. To help us un-learn, let go; of movements, beliefs, ways, perspectives that we didn’t consciously choose, and to recognize the limits that we might have unwillingly accepted, internalized, and embodied.

We share works that help immerse ourselves to freedom, and its unlimited possibilities. To discover joy and the inherent capacity to select and shape whatever we desire, whether it’s creating a moment, a dance, or a new idea!

Our core ideals revolve around understanding, appreciation, respect, and liberation. We share high-quality performances, educational programs, and interactive art experiences, based on contemporary issues. Through our projects, we hope to bridge concert, street, commercial and academic cultures. We connect with and invite audiences of all backgrounds, ages, and interests.

Please support Selcouth in developing Mark! 

Inspired by scientific theories of motion, Mark explores connection through interactions of bodies. A hybrid dance choreography about individual and collective power and the possibilities that arise from each action small or large. Our choices leave marks, setting whole series of actions into motion.

With a core structure of three dancers, Mark creates a world that will be shared by the main cast, local performers, and audiences. We explore the power of connection, the limitations that we bring to ourselves and the solutions that we can find together. How do we uplift or oppress each other through our actions? What kind of Mark do we want to leave behind?

Mark is set to premier in January 19 & 20 at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica.
After which we aim to travel and share the piece in different locations.

Previous Works:
Our live performances have been shared at: Glorya Kaufman Dance Hall, UCLA, San Pedro Festival for the Arts, Baldwin Hills (for Ebb & Flow Festival), E15 in London (UK), Arc for Dance Festival in Athens (Greece), European Dance Network, ‘Our Festival’, KET, and Olvio Theater. Selcouth’s dance film collection ‘Time to Dream’ has been shared through: Addis Video Art Festival (Ethiopia), Athens Video Dance Festival (Greece), Cannes International Cinema Festival (France), Toronto International Women Film Festival (Award winner: Best Experimental Film, Best Female Composer) (Canada), Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival (Australia), Amsterdam Short Film Festival (Netherlands), Near Nazareth Festival (Israel), Prague International Indie Film Festival (Czech Republic), Berlin Short Film Festival & Berlin Indie Film Festival (Germany). And in the US at: Independent Shorts Awards (Award winner Best Original Score, Best First Time Director, Best Screendance short, Best Student Director), Inspired Dance Film Festival, New York International Arts Festival, Lift-Off Global Network, Indie Short Fest (Award winner Best Screendance short), San Francisco Indie Short Festival (Nominee), Greensboro Dance Film Festival, Open Vision Film Fest, New York International Film Awards-NYIFA (Finalist).

About Marianna Varviani

Marianna has a BA in Contemporary Theater from E15/ University of Essex and an MFA in Dance from the UCLA. She has been working as choreographer, performer, instructor, and director since 2004. She is a member of the Krump Demolition Crew/ DCX. Marianna has been leading classes and workshops in the USA at UCLA, the University of Texas at El Paso, Young Choreographers, Project, Piyoda Flow Studio, On the Edge Studio, and Motive Brooklyn. She is also working with Heidi Duckler Company and Young Choreographers Project. She is an Adjunct Professor/ Guest Director for the BA Acting International at E15 Drama School in London. In Greece she has worked with the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, lead classes at Kinitiras Studio, Belleville, Studio Kabeira, Trajectory and Chorpus Visual. She was one of the lead instructors for the cross-cultural group in Athens organized by Lotofagoi for the Ministry of Culture. She was the co-founder of the group of seniors working in theater and movement expression for Elliniko Municipality. Additionally, she worked as the Supervisor Animator in two refugee camps in Greece for the NGO Save the Children. She has also organized cultural activities for the NGO Lalibela in Ethiopia and in Jericoacoara Cultural Center, Brazil. As part of an internship program with the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ she has lead activities in favelas, a prison, and a psychiatric clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a performer, she has worked with choreographers and directors such as ‘Ha! Theatre Ensemble’, ‘Patari Project’ and Sofia Paschou, ‘Ohi Paizoume’ company, Salia Sanou, Friidom Darrel Dunn, Stella Spyrou, Ghislain Grellier, Murtw Delimichali, Eirini Adamou, Giorgos Angelopoulos, Ken Cambel, Ian Morgan, Uri Roodner, Toby Clarke. Through her work she has toured in Greece, UK, and Spain.

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