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Selcouth’s belief is that art can change the world! We create works to invoke, empower, and inspire the people around us. Our core ideals revolve around understanding, appreciation, respect, and liberation. We create, produce, and share high-quality performances, educational programs, and interactive art experiences, based on contemporary issues. We invite audiences of all backgrounds, ages, and interests. Through our projects, we hope to bridge concert, street, commercial and academic cultures.

Please support Selcouth in developing Art Truck LA! 

Art Truck LA: a mobile stage on top of a flatbed truck sharing live performances. An alternative way to share artistic performances with L.A. residents hosting live dance, theater, and music performances, for free! Each event is uniquely curated for each location. Art Truck LA aims to start an artistic dialogue between neighborhoods, communities, and local artists.

By donating to Art Truck LA you can be a part of the creative exchange between communities and artists! You can help bring free performances to LA neighborhoods making art accessible to all! With your contribution, we will be able to support local artists in doing what they do best, performing their original works live! By experiencing dance, theater, and music events we can celebrate LA’s vibrant and diverse artistic talents together!

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Checks should be made out to “Dance Resource Center” with “Selcouth” on the memo line.

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1976 S. La Cienega Blvd. Ste. C216
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Selcouth was founded by Artistic Director, Marianna Varviani in 2016. Since its founding, Selcouth has created 7 original pieces and held numerous workshops and regular classes both locally and internationally. With performances shared at prestigious festivals like Arc for Dance Festival, and European Dance Network, and films gaining awards in festivals like Toronto International Women’s Film Festival and Indie Short Fest; Selcouth continues to push the boundaries of dance theater and movement storytelling. 

“I am interested in facilitating communal experiences and interactions, by creating works that are connected to the people and time around me. Through collaboration, devising, and storytelling, I bring to life dance, theater, and film projects. I work with an amalgam of elements, inspired by everyday gestures, traditional forms as well as contemporary movement expressions; in order to create a hybrid artistic language.” –M.V.

Marianna Varviani is a Greek dance-theater practitioner based in LA. She has a BA in Contemporary Theater from E15/ University of Essex and a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has been working as an instructor, director, choreographer, and performer since 2004. Since 2020 she is a member of the Krump Demolition Crew/ DCX. She has been leading classes and workshops in the US at UCLA, the University of Texas at El Paso, Young Choreographers Project, Piyoda Flow Studio, On the Edge Studio, Motive Brooklyn. In the UK at E15 Drama School. In Greece, at National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, Kinitiras Studio, Belleville, and Chorpus Visual. She was the Supervisor Animator in two refugee camps in Greece for the NGO Save the Children, organizing and leading psychosocial activities. She organized cultural activities in Jericoacoara Cultural Center, Brazil and was working as part of an internship program with the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ in favelas, a prison, and a psychiatric clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Marianna was also working as a teaching artist for a cross-cultural group in Athens/ Greece organized by Lotofagoi for the Ministry of Culture. Lastly, for 9 years she founded and instructed a group of seniors working in theater and movement expression. In 2016, she created her company Selcouth through which she has created and produced 7 original pieces and numerous classes and workshops both locally and internationally. Her live works have been performed at: Glorya Kaufman Dance Hall, UCLA, San Pedro Festival for the Arts, Baldwin Hills (for Heidi Duclers Ebb & Flow Festival), E15 in London (UK), Arc for Dance Festival in Athens (Greece), European Dance Network, ‘Our Festival’, KET, and Olvio Theater. Her dance film collection has been shared internationally at Addis Video Art Festival (Ethiopia), Athens Video Dance Festival (Greece), Cannes International Cinema Festival (France), Toronto International Women’s Film Festival (Award winner: Best Experimental Film, Best Female Composer) (Canada), Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival (Australia), Amsterdam Short Film Festival (Netherlands), Near Nazareth Festival (Israel), Prague International Indie Film Festival (Czech Republic), Berlin Short Film Festival & Berlin Indie Film Festival (Germany). And in the US at: Independent Shorts Awards (Award winner Best Original Score, Best First Time Director, Best Screendance short, Best Student Director), Inspired Dance Film Festival, New York International Arts Festival, Lift-Off Global Network, Indie Short Fest (Award winner Best Screendance short), San Francisco Indie Short Festival (Nominee), Greensboro Dance Film Festival, Open Vision Film Fest, New York International Film Awards- NYIFA (Finalist). As a performer, she has toured with performances in Greece, the UK, and Spain. Currently, Marianna is teaching classes around LA as well as producing new works with Selcouth.

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