MUDA presents: Year 31  

Year 31: The Series This series is the personal journal following Yasuda’s past year; her 31st year while she maneuvered her way through hair loss. Female hair loss is not a subject typically talked about and for that reason Yasuda felt rather alone and isolated while first experiencing it. Her desire to create this series stemmed from wanting other women who may also be experiencing hair loss to feel less alone. To publicly put something out there that simultaneously expresses all the various hardships connected with female hair loss while also enabling herself to come to terms with her reality and take back her confidence.

The Company
MUDA [change, through movement] – a dance collaborative with Maritza Navarro whose body of work spans from director and producer credits to dancer and choreographer, and Danielle Yasuda, a local choreographer, artist and floral designer. Together they’ve choreographed for musicals, films, live theater and a multitude of music videos. They’ve combined forces in order to help cause change and bring about good. 

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We are working towards a goal of $10,000. Please consider giving to this series to help us complete it. We are half-way through completing it but need funds to properly finish the rest of them. With these films we are hoping to help others realize how traumatic female hair loss can be and do our part in helping to lessen said trauma. So much of the trauma is centered around how we will be perceived by others and so we need to lessen that fear by speaking up about it.

Your generous contributions directly funds the following: Production costs, Videographers, Editors, Dancers, Costume Design, Locations and Rehearsal Space

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law through our fiscal sponsor Dance Resource Center.

Collaborators for this project include: All our Amazing Directors and DP’s – Nathan Kim, Chris Nelson, Eve Cohen, Letxia Cordova, Elif Koyuturk, Megyn Cawley and more to come…


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Artist Biography:

MUDA is a movement company and dance duo. We make moves for film, live performances, and still images. We make dance to move you. We believe that dance tells a story and we move bodies to narrate the experience of living. We are gardeners. We live to excavate and find the hidden and untold. We seek to start a conversation about the every day. The beauty, the sadness, the rawness that is life itself. Maritza Navarro is a storyteller, choreographer and producer. Danielle Yasuda is a multi-faceted artist, dancer and designer.

“As two women of color who both live with anxiety disorder, we work to incorporate diverse and inclusive stories in our craft, daily. We make dance about mental health, identity, our families who immigrated here for better lives and so much more…”

– Danielle Yasuda + Maritza Navarro