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Project Broad Daylight is a site-specific dance beginning at one labyrinth and traveling to several others in the surrounding area. Broad Daylight has four sections which explore themes of labrynthian myths and journeys through a queer feminist lens. The dances take place across the Coachella Valley desert. Four to six movers make their way around and through the labyrinth. Movers work with questions like, what challenges, obstacles, illusions, complications do we find? What do we find in the center? At the edges?

The piece contains full group, duets, trios, solos and group unison movement.

Children under the age of 10 and elders over the age of 70 are invited to join us near the end of the choreographic process and perform with us. This is to include those who are often hiding in plain sight, or in broad daylight. 

We invite composer(s) to work with us, also working intergenerationally. For Broad Daylight our first composer is a queer-identified 14 year-old.

We begin and end with audience inclusion, inviting them to walk the labyrinth with us at the beginning. Toward the end, they can stay at the edges of the space in the traditional audience perspective or they can join us in an impromptu ritual of celebratory movement and interact with the work as embodied beings of the desert.

During Covid, we perform socially distanced. The piece is built outside to these conditions of circumstance. To reach a broader audience and maintain our mission of inclusion and community, we have film from the process of the making and the final documentation. The final film will result in a multi-layered, multi-labyrinth montage, overlapping time and space and portraying multiple perspectives. 

Our mission is to create collaborative movement art that builds embodied expression in the desert environment.

Our vision is to create somatic movement work that explores communal forms of immersion in a specific site or land and invites active audience involvement. We collaborate with musicians and artists to create original compositions and visual or sculptural art in our site-specific work. 

Desert Movement Arts is an intergenerational collective of dancer/movers from Coachella Valley founded in 2017. Participant number varies depending on project description and site. We work with somatic explorations and improvisations that discover new ways of perceiving, and being with the environment and world we practice in. Our bodies are in a rich ecology of human, non-human, animate and inanimate objects. Our eco-somatic practices move toward acts of care, community, connection and regeneration.

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