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Please support Desert Movement Arts in bringing somatic and improvisational performance and educational opportunities to communities around Coachella Valley

Desert Movement Arts is an intergenerational collective of dancer/movers from Coachella Valley founded in 2017. Participant number varies depending on project description and site. We work with somatic explorations and improvisations that discover new ways of perceiving, and being with the environment and world we practice in. Our bodies are in a rich ecology of human, non-human, animate and inanimate objects. Our eco-somatic practices move toward acts of care, community, connection and regeneration.

Our mission is to create collaborative movement art that builds embodied expression in the desert environment.

Our vision is to create somatic movement work that explores communal forms of immersion in a specific site or land and invites active audience involvement. We collaborate with musicians and artists to create original compositions and visual or sculptural art in our site-specific work. 

Desert Movement Arts presents “Broad Daylight,” a site-specific performance exploring the labyrinth as both myth and landscape. “Broad Daylight” evolved out of the dancers’ research into the stories and journeys of labyrinthian sites, including local labyrinths in Rancho Mirage, Yucca Valley and Warner Springs. The Peace Labyrinth at the UUCOD in Rancho Mirage is the site of Desert Movement Arts’ newest dance performance, “Broad Daylight.”

Surrounded by desert flora and fauna, a quintet of women move through four sections of choreography and improvisation: a pilgrimage, a journey into other times and beings, duets, and a celebration of women creating community, the often invisible work that happens in broad daylight.

The dancers, aged 39-69, embody the eco-somatic process of creating this work with freedom from the typical limitations of concert dance. Individual and collective sensory perceptions guide movement possibilities and aesthetics. With an original and evocative sound score by Chido Sounds, (with contributions from Eve Gradilla, Emily Jane Steinberg and Eve Teraoka) the piece invites the audience to experience the complexities and the beauty of the ancient and the modern in this unique site.

To augment the live performance, Desert Movement Arts is producing a montage video of “Broad Daylight” as performed at all four sites. The video will feature a multi-layered, multi-labyrinth montage, overlapping time and space and portraying multiple perspectives. “Broad Daylight,” the video, will be presented at gallery spaces in the Coachella Valley as well as online, dates and locations to be determined.

“Broad Daylight” is choreographed by Desert Movement Arts co-founder Constance Clare-Newman and performers, including Andrea Stone, Emily Jane Steinberg, Eve Gradilla and Jamie Grace Davis.

The May 2nd performance is free and open to the public. Donations are welcome.

For more information, contact Constance Clare-Newman, 510-219-5097 |
Instagram: @DesertMovementArts

Broad Daylight

broad daylight flyer dance performance rancho mirage

Co-founder, Choreographic lead, Dancer
Constance Clare-Newman: Movement practitioner and educator, bridging somatic exploration, performance practices and modern dance techniques.

Andrea Stone: Connecting improvisation and dance movement influenced by the desert landscape and architectural elements. 
Emily Jane Steinberg: Social artist, alchemist & activist. 
Eve Gradilla: Author and Intuitive Artist. Deep appreciation for earth and her healing properties. Innate desire to unravel through art and movement. 
Jamie Grace Davis: Interests lie in pictorial construction through movement, patterns, geography, and prescience.


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