We Are BLnK



company bio: We Are BLnK is a creative Dance Company fusing contemporary and hiphop movement. Dancers express the art form

while connecting the viewer to a spirit that is more than human. We perform live, on camera and at events for charity in pursuit of exposure for our craft and

good cause. We Are BLnK simultaneously spreads the joy and love of art, while expanding the creative mind. We have an overflow of ideas and consistently produce online content, videos and pieces for the stage.

artists bio: Choreographers and Dancers Monika Felice Smith & Laurel Galanter have birthed We Are BLnK together after meeting & dancing together in 2016. They immediately inspired one another to reach new levels of performance and content production. They’re excited for what is in store for their future endeavors and the growth of their performance company.

We Are BLnK Dance Company aligns with DRC’s mission while providing the viewer with a unique, one-of-a-kind experience; to view online content and experience it in the flesh. We hope to inspire local humans (both young and old), to follow their greatest dreams. We believe in full support of the arts and plan to expose as much of it into the universe as possible.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFFGG8elpDc

MANEATER is the very first piece we’ve worked on together as a Company. We performed this live at Friday Night Raw, Choreographers showcase in North Hollywood, CA. The piece was very well received.

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