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LA-based dance-theater group, The Big Show Co., needs your help to raise funds to cover rehearsal and production fees for their current project, The Collective Memory Project – with performances based on memories of veterans, performers, and the audience themselves.

Short Summary

The Big Show Co. was founded in 1999 by UCLA and CalArts alumnus, Arianne MacBean. The troupe creates dance-theater performance that integrates original movement, text, theater and music. In January 2015, The Big Show Co. launched a 3-year performance initiative called; The Collective Memory Project – a series of inclusive, highly personal performances where individual memories are activated and reimagined to create communal experiences. The Big Show Co. partners with LA-based non-profit organization, Veterans in Film & Television (VFT), which helps bridge the military/civilian divide. The Big Show Co. gathers source text from veterans through a series of Memory Writing Workshops. The text generated at these workshops is used in the development of performance scripts. We need your help to continue this work! It is vital that veterans, artists, and audience members have the opportunity for the unique mutual recognition this project provides.

What We Need & Why

We need to raise at least $5,000 to cover rehearsals and production costs for summer 2016 and to facilitate additional Memory Writing Workshops for veterans. SO, what exactly does that mean? Let us break it down for you.

  • A $40 donation will cover the cost of one company member’s rehearsal stipend. Help company member Brad Culver get paid what he deserves for his brilliance! ANYONE who donates $40 or more gets 1 ticket to the Work-In-Progress Show on Friday, May 27 at 8 PM at ARC Pasadena.
  • A $100 donation covers Writing Workshop co-facilitator Nathan Clum’s stipend for his leadership and writing expertise. Make a Memory Writing Workshop happen!
  • A $200 donation will pay for one roll of the 12-foot seamless paper that we use in this show. Ensure that company member Max Eugene is rightfully compensated for eating paper! (He does this in the performance – crazy guy!)
  • A $500 donation will cover the cost of Composer Cathlene Pineda and her righteous band mates to be paid for rehearsals. Help Cathlene and her band jam! 
  • Would you rather sponsor this project? A $2000 donation will cover 2 months of rehearsal. Anyone who donates $2000 or more is credited as an Executive Producer in all publicity and programming.

The Impact

The Big Show Co. will NOT be able to continue to develop this work without your support. It is simply the reality that it takes a village for art-making to happen. We are lucky to have had the opportunity to apply for grants from the City of LA Department of Cultural Affairs and the California Arts Council – however at this point, we do not know if we have received funding. Unfortunately, we cannot count on it. With over fifteen years of experience producing, presenting and creating professional dance-theater performance, we are asking YOU to make this a BIG summer for The Big Show Co.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign! Share this page!


$20 Big Thanks: A big thank you on The Big Show Co. website home page and Facebook page.

$40 Big Ticket: All of the above PLUS: 1 ticket to the Work-In-Progress Show on Friday, May 27 @ 8 PM at ARC Pasadena.

$100 Big Deal: All of the above PLUS: a big deal acknowledgment in the program at the Work-In-Progress Show on Friday, May 27 @ 8 PM at ARC Pasadena.

$200 Big Bite: All of the above PLUS one large basket of seasonal organic veggies and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Odyssey Orchards in Altadena, CA.

$2000 Big Kiss: All of the above PLUS: Executive Producer credit on all publicity and 1 big kiss from Arianne. xoxoxoxo

RUNNING TOTAL: $5,063.00


We reached our goal!! Thank you to everyone who supported!

Thank you to all of our donors! 
Stacy Saylor
Kate Wojogbe
Kate Mason
Tim & Boonrasi Norman
Carmela DIetrich
Carolyn Bates
Mary Trunk
Elizabeth Garsonnin
Carrie-Andrea Koppelman
Ann Marie Smith
Jonathan Weinstein
Hilary Thomas
Christine Suarez
Frankie Schaefer
Lynda Taylor
Bonnie Lavin-Hughes
Eliza Pfister
Linda Mazur
Mickey Morgan
Cassandra Horii
Teddy Varno
Nathan Clum
Linda Rose-Winters
Madeline Chisholm
Bernadette Szafranski
Melissa Berton

Fundraiser Start Date: Friday, April 1, 2016
Fundraiser End Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016


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