CARLON + LOLLIE is a collaborative duo formed by movement artists Jay Carlon and Lindsey Lollie. They employ their identities as multicultural millennials to deepen their connection to heritage and ancestry—Lollie is half African-American and first-generation Mexican-American; Carlon is first-generation Filipino-American and child of an agricultural migrant family. Through immersive, transformative and extremely physical dance theatre, they strive to incite thoughtful provocation of socio-political issues surrounding identity, race, gender, mental health and sexuality. Based in Los Angeles, they met as colleagues at the Renaissance Arts Academy, where they currently teach contemporary dance, and have joined their shared interests in exploring their collective and individual identities.  They have presented work at LA Dance Festival, HomeLA, Works in the Works (Bay Area, CA), and Electric Lodge.  Collectively, Carlon + Lollie have performed at Lincoln Center, REDCAT, 92nd Y  and The CURRENT SESSIONS.

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Photo credit: Jim Rodney

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