Thank You Notes from LA Dance Community Members/OGP Grantees

On behalf of CONTRA-TIEMPO as a dance company and myself as a choreographer, I’d love to express deep gratitude for the ongoing support we have received from LA County Arts Commission over the last decade! The County’s support has been instrumental in our continued growth and success as an organization. I’d also like to personally thank Laura, for your tireless advocating for artists and for the financial and structural support for art marking in LA County. We (and I ) have benefited greatly from the professional development opportunities that you have pushed for over the years! Congratulations on 25 incredible years! Best wishes! 

Ana María Alvarez, Founding Artistic Director, CONTRA-TIEMPO Urban Latin Dance Theater

We are deeply appreciative of everything you have done for the arts, the development of future arts leadership, and for leaving the Arts Council in better shape than when you began.

Kenneth Walker, Artist Director, Kenneth Walker Dance Project

Dear Laura,

I am grateful and honored that the universe has allowed me to learn from and with you. In my career, you have been an awesome example of a strong and passionate leader. I’m grateful to you for your 25 years of service that has created a path for me to succeed and persevere. I hope this next chapter for you is filled with adventures, travel, love, happiness and some well-deserved relaxation. Thank you for all you’ve done and what you’ll continue to do.

Con Cariño, Natalie Marrero, Executive Director, Viver Brasil

Thank you for encouraging patient and deep learning as well as excellence as a dance organization that began receiving funding from LACAC in  2003. You have given us the opportunity for dance to be considered an equal amongst all art forms practiced in Los Angeles County and beyond.  We at Viver Brasil thank you for allowing the development of our brand of Afro-Brazilian dance practice with live music to enrich the county residents of LA. You have demanded excellence of Viver Brasil and made the Ford Amphitheatre our home. We thank you for planting the concert and community engagement seeds so that we can offer soulful joy that has ancestry in Africa, Northeastern Brazil and developed in Los Angeles.  

Your leadership has allowed for we women leaders to be fierce and courageous.

We wish you- paths wide open to create new opportunities for yourself and with whom you reach both in LA County and so far beyond!  

Linda Yudin, Artistic Director, Viver Brasil

Where would we be as a dance company in Los Angeles, if it were not for you, Laura Zucker?  You have led the organization of the LA County Arts Commission with such style and consummate knowledge of the arts.  The grant process with the commission is often times so challenging, yet you would make us feel comfortable and confident that you could do the task.  You have always been there for so many performances, such as at the Ford, with a knowing smile that again helped us relax and produce the event we envisioned.  I look back on the sets created, the artistic salaries paid, the beautiful repertory created and I have to say thank you to you for making it all possible.  Please continue to be present in our LA arts scene and be that leader that we wish to follow.  You have set an indelible mark on the pages of Los Angeles in the history of art and performance.  We, Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre and the South Coast Dance Arts Alliance, thank you for helping us build our dreams.

Nanette Brodie, Artistic Director, Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre

Dear Laura,

Thank you for your 25 years of leadership, advocacy and commitment to the arts here in Los Angeles, and best wishes for your next steps from the LACAC!

The LACAC OGP has offered a base of support to Show Box L.A. that has kept us moving forward, and able to take risks like opening our own studio (we live in space) this past year in Jefferson Park.  In one year, this studio has provided a home base and affordable rehearsal space to over 75 choreographers from a wide array of forms and practices; and their works have been seen in venues across L.A. and nationally.

Thank you for helping us keep dancers going!

In gratitude,

Meg Wolfe, Choreographer, Founder, Show Box LA

Photo Credit: Gennia Cui, The Future Collective